infinata (infinata) wrote,

Watch This Space for Neglect

For at the very least, I can promise that.
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promises promises.

ya lazy bum

oh yes and by the way - you need a photo.
Already the commitment starts. You know I can't deal with that.
oh piss off. You of all people ought to be jazzed about the idea of having a lil design that represents you. Allow me to recommend the self portrait I love so very much?
Awright. I'll track down a copy to scan and post.

You realize that I am entirely doing this for your benefit. Who else would read this stuff? Do strangers read your stuff?
No, but they can if they decide to track me down. There are also communities that you can join and read in on if you'd like. I've got one friend that regularly reads me. I've mentioned you on my journal so she may come a wandering out of her web to check you out (if she's so inclined). By the way, you might want to add me to your friend list so you can quick reference my journal (just go to the edit friends page and add chezwylie to your list)

would I do a thing like that.
Oh doll. You might.

btw, I love the mental image of you peeking out from inside your web. It's impish.
You should see the impish things I get up to when you're not looking ;)
I knew it! I always knew you did your most perfectly impish things when I had my back turned.

Now stop that. ;-}
besides - I think this is something that would suit you famously - a place to ramble freely where your friends and maybe a few curious strangers can read up on you.
hmmm... okay. But it could get ugly.
course. That's the point isn't it?
Arachne, this is Infinata

Infinata, this is Arachne

two people I enjoy madly.
Pleased to meet ya, infinata.
So you say now...

Here's hoping Kat warned ya.
She hasn't said a thing, yet.

I'm here for the impressing ;)